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Carpet Cleaning


There are various types of methods of cleaning a carpet. There are many carpet fibers that are different that will also require different methods of cleaning it. There might be some cleansers that can work really well for some carpet fibers and some might not work at all. The proper research is vital in order to have the proper carpet cleaning company to come to your home and get the job done.


A certain type of water damage and restoration cleaning method is shampooing. Detergents are applied directly to the carpet and a certain kind of machine will then agitate the cleanser. A vacuum will then extract the cleanser and leave it clean. If you are aiming to have a nice looking carpet for a special occasion, this cleaning method could be the right one for you.


Dry carpet cleaning is another popular and effective method of cleaning your carpet. It is also recommended a lot by people. It is beneficial because there is little to no down time since the carpet does not need to dry. In this method, a special kind of upholstery cleaning powder is used and sprinkled all over the carpet. It will then absorb all the dirt. After, it can be vacuumed leaving the carpet clean and fresh. An oxygenated cleanser is also used by some companies. This works well since the carpet gets wet for a short time and then oxygenated bubbles will remove the dirt out of the base of the carpet. This results to a more effective way of cleaning the carpet.


Foam carpet cleaning method combines shampooing and dry carpet cleaning. Cleansing foam and water is used on the carpet and it will also attract dirt and dust. This method can be used on tough carpets because of the nature of the foam. Steam carpet cleaning is a popular one as well. It uses a lot of water which could be harmful to the carpet but the proper methods and application will make it more beneficial. It also shouldn't be done too frequently in order to prevent any damage. You also would need to take into account the amount of time that this type of cleaning method will take. To learn more about carpet cleaning, check out http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/03/21/cleaning-carpet-germ-hotspot_n_2916850.html.


Bonnet carpet cleaning is used for commercial carpets. This involves placing a chemical detergent unto the carpet and a rotary machine is used to work across the carpet and absorb the cleaning agent. There are many ways that can be used in order to effective clean your carpet and it is best to do your proper research before had in order to get the right job done.